Wednesday 14th June, 10am – 11am


Complex claims – what risk managers should know

A panel of experts will debate the lessons of the Airmic guide ‘Managing complex claims’.  The discussion will touch on key issues Airmic members should be aware of if they face a major loss. This will include internal handling of the incident, dealing with key insurance stakeholders and handling disputes.



Managing corporate culture – a framework for risk managers

Risk culture experts will explain the importance of managing the culture of an organisation, and how risk managers can lead the process. The discussion will identify seven key drivers of corporate culture and present a framework to assess the existing culture. This will include the use of the online Risk Culture Profiling Tool, currently available to Airmic members. Finally, a process for developing a more positive culture of improved risk awareness and risk-taking will be proposed


Transforming risk and insurance for the future

 With a high-profile panel from the world of business, risk and insurance, this seminar will consider how the profile of today’s risk and insurance professional might change in the future.  Boards and senior stakeholders are recognising that management of risk is critical to the success of any business and essential for its long term viability.  Consequently, there is an increase in demand for managing risk as part of strategy, and business leaders are calling on risk experts for help.  This subject is explored in new research from Airmic, “transforming risk and insurance for the future” and four key themes from this will be examined in detail during the seminar.


The Revolution has started!

Fact not fiction – we are now in the 4th Industrial Revolution.  The digital revolution is transforming the ways in which organisations develop and execute strategy, which will significantly change business and risk and resilience models.  Several leading studies have highlighted the fundamental changes that the digital revolution is bringing and the speed with which that change will occur.  KPMG’s Now or never: 2016 CEO outlook, for example, warns that the pace of change will be profound. “The speed of change will be, quite literally, inhuman, as the advancement of data and analytics and cognitive and machine learning drive forward change more quickly than humans alone could ever achieve.”  Airmic recognises that organisations must be aware of how the digital revolution could transform the way in which businesses build resilience and  how they approach and manage risk.  Airmic has started in-depth research to determine what resilience looks like in a digitally-transformed business world within a new study, Roads to Revolution.  Come and join the Revolution and share the journey we’ve travelled so far in this interactive and stimulating seminar