A4: The critical contribution of a risk manager in mergers and acquisitions

This interactive Chubb workshop will demonstrate the variety of ways in which risk managers can add value by being involved in any company’s M&A process. We’ll demonstrate why risk managers need early access to the deal process and how best they can work with insurers during the due diligence process. We will identify and discuss the key risk areas of a deal as well as examine how W&I insurance can assist.

Designed for any risk manager working in a business that may be involved in either a company sale or an acquisition, the workshop will provide the tools and knowledge needed to ensure the board understands the vital role a risk manager plays in the deal process.

Richard Britain, Head of Transactional Risk. Chubb
Tressie Norton, Senior Underwriter, Transactional Risk. Chubb
Mary McGovern, London Global Accounts, Management Liability Manager. Chubb
Emma Bartolo, UK&I Environmental Manager. Chubb