A5: Cyber Breach – Not If, But When

Cyber Breach – Not If, But When

With the news filled with bank hacks, extortion demands and intellectual property thefts, this workshop addresses the likelihood of a breach, ransomware-associated operational risk and insider and outsider threat; reviewing how businesses can help themselves to identify and reduce cyber risk using their existing capabilities and an anatomy of a breach and breach response.

This participative workshop will discuss why discovering a cyber breach needn’t be all bad news and delegates will benefit from an increased understanding regarding what a breach event can look like before one is suffered and how insurance can be used to support risk mitigation.

The workshop is aimed at all risk managers, IT staff, and CISOs, and is suitable for all levels.


Peter Hawley, Cyber Underwriter, HDI Global SE

Nick Andrews, Head of Insurance Risk, E D & F Man

Hans Allnutt, Partner, DAC Beachcroft

Stuart Peck, Cyber Security Strategist, ZeroDayLab