A7: Human rights & labour risks – are you compliant?

For the first time, companies are required by law to state how they are dealing with human rights – specifically labour risks.

Businesses with a commercial presence in the UK now need to comply with the Modern Slavery Act, which builds on a wide range of other ‘soft law’ standards which are changing the global risk landscape for all multinationals.

This workshop will arm risk-owners and managers with an understanding of how the regulatory environment governing these risks has changed in recent years. It will home in on the impact on companies and look at variations across different sectors.

By working through a series of case studies we will introduce best practice risk management standards – including practical recommendations on how you can identify and manage these risks.

Target audience

Senior risk-holders within companies based in the UK, in particular those with international supply chains.

Prior knowledge is not required.

Learning objectives

  • Regulatory environment: understand the international regulatory picture for UK-based multinationals with respect to human rights and labour welfare
  • Ethical challenges: develop an awareness of ethical challenges in relation to human rights and labour
  • Risk management: gain an overview of best-practice risk management approaches


Jean Devlin, Director, Global Risk Analysis – Control Risks

Iona Cheng, Director, Ethics & Compliance Consulting – Control Risks