B3: Liability Risks in North America

To gain global brand recognition, a large number of UK companies are setting their sights on US expansion and starting to export products or set-up operations there. In 2015, 32% of FTSE350 companies had operations in the US, which may increase as the UK looks to exit the single market.

Whether companies have operated in the US for decades, or are making their first foray into this market, complying with the evolving insurance and tax regulations in each of the 50 States can decide an company’s success in the US.

Join us for a workshop at the AIRMIC Conference where we will:

Compare the UK and US insurance market, in particular, we will focus on liability insurance.

  • Examine real life claim scenarios to decide whether to take a case to trial – before revealing the actual verdict.

Target audience: Insurance / Risk Professionals who buy or are looking to buy insurance in the UK and US.

Presenter: Richard Spink, Senior Underwriter – Liability, Travelers Europe