B5: An interactive focus on natural catastrophe threats and how to build a more resilient business

The aim of this session is to be able to identify and quantify the natural hazards exposures to your company and examine the key property loss prevention and insurance measures to mitigate those exposures. Participating in this will enable you to build a business that is more resilient to natural hazards.

The session will include:

  • An overview of the types of natural hazard that can impact industrial and commercial properties around the world and the likely scope of that impact, with real examples.
  • An interactive, team, exercise covering the measures to mitigate these exposures, from the right insurance to the response plan, as well as physical protection.
  • A model for considering all of these mitigation measures, along with other useful resources.
  • Time for questions and answers.

Learning objectives:

By the end of the session, participants should be able to:

  1. List the types of natural hazard that can expose facilities to property and consequent business interruption loss.
  2. Explain how to quantify the loss exposures in terms of expected property damage and related business interruption duration.
  3. State the key insurance, procedural and physical protection measures to make their business resilient to natural hazard losses.

Target audience:

Risk managers, other financial executives and property loss prevention managers responsible for binding insurance and/or leading physical protection measures to protect the business from property and related business interruption losses due to natural hazards. Experience level from none through to intermediate (good foundational knowledge but wanting to know more) or high level of experience but interested in hearing FM Global’s perspective and resources on this.


Adriano Lanzilotto, operations vice president, client service manager, FM Global

Kate Bargery, assistant vice president, international client learning manager, FM Global

Charlotte Brennan, underwriter, FM Global

Jack Sanderson, account manager, FM Global