C7: Opportunities and Obstacles in Insuring Non-Tangible Assets

Traditional insurance products do not always meet the needs of many risks being faced by today’s corporations, in particular, the risks to non-tangible assets. Can innovative risk solutions offer a better alternative? This workshop will present some of the real risk issues facing today’s corporation and explore how far, if at all, traditional risk transfer can provide a suitable solution. The workshop will elaborate on new and existing solutions for the corporate risks which are not typically protected by traditional insurance.  Real examples of innovative solutions deployed by corporations, to protect balance sheets and future revenue generation will be presented.  Finally, the workshop will conclude with an insight into how solutions to protect non-tangible assets are likely to develop in the future and the crucial role of the Risk Manager. 

Learning Objectives
To provide corporate Risk Managers with:

  • an overview of non-tangible risk solutions and matching the risks with relevant solutions
  • practical examples of how innovative solutions were implemented by corporations
  • an outlook on how the market for innovative risk solutions may evolve

Risk Managers and their Brokers – The workshop is aimed at those with responsibility for advising their corporations on risk mgmt. solutions available in the market place, as well as those who have a role in delivering these for the company’s benefit (i.e. Brokers).


Presented by

Marc Davis, UK & Ireland Country Head, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions