D1:Terrorism risk: Managing and mitigating the impact of fast-evolving global threats

The risk presented to your organisation’s people and assets — from shifting global terrorism threats and the unpredictable nature, frequency and potential severity of man-made attacks  — cannot be underestimated.

These wide-ranging security crises demand an equally dynamic response from those specialising in, and responsible for, risk management and risk transfer.

But how confident are you that your current solutions and resilience strategy would allow you to successfully respond and recover from today’s diverse threats?

In this interactive session, aimed at risk managers and insurance risk managers, we’ll share real-life scenarios and operational field experience to illustrate just how much the terrorism threat has evolved in the last 20 years. We will also discuss how effectively markets and governments have responded, or otherwise, to this continually evolving threat and cover the following:

  • Understand how the geopolitical climate and terrorism threat has evolved and how this could impact on your legal duty of care to safeguard employees and those people on your premises, using your service or exposed to your activities;
  • Debate how effectively insurance markets and governments have responded — both in the UK and overseas — and whether they are keeping pace with the dynamic shift in risk;
  • Explore the extent of cover provided under current policies and government schemes, how well these interact with each other and how they can be augmented;
  • Identify where coverage gaps arise and what can be done to best close them;
  • Discuss the key risk management tactics to mitigate modern day terrorism threats;
  • Learn how to best protect your people and assets through a planned strategy designed to anticipate, prevent, respond and recover from a terrorist threat.

Our workshop — hosted by crisis management and insurance specialists, with years of operational terrorism experience from their time as British Army officers specialising in bomb disposal —will equip you with the knowledge, insight and tools to enhance the overall crisis resilience of your organisation.

Presented by Paul Bassett MC, Managing Director, and Justin Priestley GM, Director, Crisis Management, Arthur J. Gallagher