D4: Innovation – Developments which may disrupt the insurance industry

Presented by Mark Platten (Chief Underwriting Officer, AXA Corporate Solutions UK) and Matt Reeves (Business Development Manager, AXA Corporate Solutions UK).
This interactive workshop will focus on four key areas of change which are fuelled by innovation– big data, artificial intelligence, emerging risks and demographics. The session will begin by looking at the macro effect of these areas of innovation, including the potential disruption they may cause, before moving on to look at the impact specifically upon businesses. We will focus in particular on key strategic and operational risks; which risks will remain and might develop, which risks will diminish, and which new risks will have to be considered.

Delegates will work in facilitated groups to consider the potential consequences of these factors on the risk profile of their businesses, and the resultant impact upon the insurance industry (including upon the role of the broker) and the subsequent impact upon the corporate insurance buyer. We will then look at possible methods to ease this predicted disruption.
This workshop will be delegate driven, and therefore it is important that attendees should attend who are keen to participate and contribute. It is intended that this workshop will also provide members with an excellent networking opportunity.

Presented by AXA Corporate Solutions.