D5: Innovation in data sharing: Are you ready to share your digital risk footprint?

Technology is rapidly changing the business environment in which we all operate and insurance is not excluded from that in terms of how its customers can access data and new products whilst also managing Risk. Innovation in data sharing: Are you ready to share your digital risk footprint? is an opportunity to discuss how we can maximise the opportunities presented by new technologies in the insurance industry. This interactive workshop will address some of the key challenges around data sharing and ways of capturing, managing and analysing Risk whilst also looking at what the future of the industry could look like.

Goals and takeaways

  1. How to structure your submission data: which key information in the current policy renewal and administration timeline is most valuable for insurance and risk managers today? The power of structured data: how risk managers can work more collaboratively with the insurance industry to develop new innovative or more tailored insurance products with the help of structured data. What the future of insurance could look like: best practices for more efficient data sharing in the insurance sector.


  • David Roberts (Head of Risk Engineering and Business Analytics & Global Relationship Leader, Zurich Commercial)
  • Camilla Chandra Marine Cargo Underwriter (Zurich Commercial)
  • Claire Combes (Director of Risk and Assurance, Intu)