D7: Complex claims disputes in the Insurance Act 2015 era – What insurance and risk managers need to know

The changing dynamic of large / complex claims in the Insurance Act era:

Why did the Insurance Act happen? A recap

What has changed / what remains the same?

The reasons why claims fail?

Are there common mistakes that prejudice a successful claim?

Who is responsible for Claims Governance?

What do advisers contribute?

What proactive measures can insureds take to reduce the risk of dispute?

What are the learning objectives

  • To inform Airmic members of how the Insurance Act is likely to change disputes on coverage or quantum on large losses
  • To facilitate an informed discussion of the practical risk management strategies Airmic members can implement pre loss and post loss to ensure they do not jeopardise policy response. (Discussion points to be documented and circulated to attendees).

Targeted audience

  • Targeted at individuals with decision making responsibilities for insurance and risk management who need to be aware of the changing dynamic post Insurance Act 2015 in order to avoid issues on large claims.
  • Presenter names, position, and company 
  • Bruce Hepburn – Mactavish CEO
  • David Hertzell – Mactavish Senior Adviser
  • QC / Barrister from a leading insurance chambers